Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine”!

Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine”! It is January 2022 and again we hear a lie on the public radio, namely that Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine! Propaganda is a problem in the West, even well-informed people hardly notice it, as I probably did more than thirty years ago when I came to the West from the GDR as a young woman and had difficulty recognizing some habits or destructive structures of a different concept of society. Today I know we carry a burden West, as East, and that is recognition. It is important to deal with it, to acknowledge mistakes.


A CALL FOR THE CHURCH AND FOR THE WORLD. We have reason to believe – based on the official data on the epidemic in terms of the number of deaths – that there are forces interested in creating panic in the world population. In this way, they want to permanently impose on society forms of unacceptable restriction of freedom, controlling people and monitoring their movements. The imposition of these unfreedom measures is a disturbing prelude to the creation of a world government that is beyond all control.

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