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The last act

Recently, Brigadier General Reinhard Uhle-Wettler also spoke out in an open letter addressed to the German government.  Entitled „The Last Act,“ the letter states in taut, almost laconic brevity the direction to which Germany and other Western countries have slipped. It now appears that the final act of the German tragedy has begun.“ (Blog Peter Krause).

For the first time in the history of Germany, the elected! political governing parties are openly transforming the German people, to whose welfare they are committed, into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious population.

Uhle-Wettler published his letter on February 6, 2021, and I reproduce it in its unabridged wording. The subheadings have been inserted by Klaus Peter Krause.

A long-planned destruction of the German soul
„The Second Thirty Years War ((1914-1945) decimated, weakened and deprived the German Empire decisively and finally ended its existence. Nearly a third of the Reich was cut off and the German population was driven out of it with murder and manslaughter. The rest of Germany, divided into four occupation zones, the Federal Republic of Germany under the rule of the Western Allies and the German Democratic Republic under the rule of the Soviet Union then had to endure an occupation lasting more than 45 years. This led to the destruction of the German soul and to the creation of a new German within the framework of a long scientifically planned and executed re-education, also called ‚recivilization‘ (Wolffsohn).“

The foolscap of the „right-wing populist“ is put on non-conformist citizens
„The world of values, traditions and norms of behavior that had grown over many centuries were systematically dismantled and replaced by a culture of repentance combined with cultural collaboration that allowed neither dignity, pride nor self-confidence to emerge. National interests and raison d’état were not considered authoritative factors in politics, as was usually the case. The people and the nation were no longer considered to be prominent values. Anyone who advocated such values was and still is regularly ostracized and persecuted as a right-winger, right-wing extremist (an enemy of the constitution!) or even as a neo-Nazi. Gladly also unadapted citizens are put the indeterminable fool’s cap of the ‚right-wing populist‘ on.“

The United States‘ missionary claim to world domination
„The defense of one’s own is obsolete. Human rights were propagated as the new supreme goal of all politics, to be realized worldwide. This utopian goal corresponds exactly to the missionary claim to world domination of the United States of America. This is supported by the U.S. big business and financial oligarchy in the form of capitalism, which many also call predatory or turbo-capitalism.“
Dissolution of family, people and nation in favor of the desired new world order
„This capitalism finds a substantial reinforcement in the ideology of communism, which is particularly powerful in Germany, especially in the manifestation of anti-fascist socialism. This was international from the beginning (proletarians of all countries unite!) and, like capitalism (consumers of all countries unite!), can only prosper if the old organically grown orders of family, people and nation dissolve in favor of the aspired new world order. This leads inevitably to the world of ants, (all men are equal!) whose anonymous scent marks are followed without hesitation by the synchronized masses.“

The resistance of foreign countries against German paternalism
„The utopian, universalistic approach expressed here, which is obviously preferred by the majority of Germans, is, however, only very hesitantly, if at all, advocated by their neighbors. The danger of a German Sonderweg and the resistance of foreign countries to German paternalism are obvious. First and foremost the English, but also the French, Italians, Poles, Czechs, the Baltic peoples, Hungarians and others do not at any rate indicate that they are prepared to give up their globally respected identity.“

The dissolution of people, nation and culture set in motion will soon be irreversible
„Now it appears that the last act of the German tragedy has dawned. The mass immigration into Germany set in motion from outside, through its boundless intermingling, is leading to an ethnic, cultural, and religious dissolution of people, nation, and culture that will soon be irreversible. The center of Europe is turning into an indefinable ‚melting-pot‘. The question is whether Europe has the will and the strength to vigorously oppose this destabilization of the center, which is becoming a danger to the entire continent.“

So is Germany beyond saving?

„Danger ahead! Is Germany failing?“ asks Prof. Arnulf Baring. Thilo Sarrazin, former director of the Bundesbank, says: ‚Germany is doing away with itself‘ General and former minister Jörg Schönbohm says: ‚Germany is fading away, it is fading away!‘ Prof. Johann Braun says: ‚According to human judgement, Germany has its time behind it.‘ And the Germanist Kanji Nishio says: ‚Through the strategy of self-negation and ethnic self-dissolution, in half a century the German people will be found in a mixed state. Then Germany of the 18th and 19th centuries will be made the subject of research like ancient Greece.‘ Is Germany, then, beyond saving? Have the Germans grown tired and are they surrendering to their fate without resistance?“

Information on the person of Reinhard Uhle-Wettler can be found here (Wikipedia), where, however, an attempt is made to push him into the right-wing extremist corner. Who knows Uhle-Wettler personally, knows that he does not belong there, but that he belongs to the conservative-liberal Germans.

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there are officially 2700 mosques in germany

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Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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