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Ukraine – The unspoken truth

As in all conflicts, including this one on the Ukrainian – Russian border, it is about the old familiar struggle between „good and evil“. It is indeed so. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the supposedly evil and accused in this macabre game, has, if you will, set the stage to give the truth a chance to come to light. We the Germans, the Europeans, the Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Chinese*, what happens on the stage, but report on it and try to influence the further course of the production positively. The opportunity to help the truth come to light unfortunately does not come often.

But now to Willy Wimmer, he can explain all this much better than I can.

Since 2014, Western policy and thus also the behavior of the German government in the matter of Ukraine has been characterized by unbelievable behavior. Everything that the West had prompted is blanked out of its own perception. The entire attention is focused on the steps that Russia is taking or had taken in response to permanent provocations of the Western side. Its own actions are completely blanked out. It is only a matter of implementing one’s own director’s playbook, as it had been learned and persistently practiced during the First Cold War in NATO staff exercises such as WINTEX/CIMEX. In the process, the West finds itself in an illusory world of its own making, in which it assumes that Moscow does not even read the newspapers as far as Western procedures are concerned.

This is currently the case with the international hullabaloo over the alleged invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces under orders from the Kremlin. For months, Europe and the world have been terrified about this. Everything looks like being able to take measures against Russia to destroy the country. One only has to look at the war rhetoric that American President Joe Biden is spouting.

Worse, besides the constant talk about destroying Russia, is what Ukraine is failing to do in connection with alleged Russian troop massing that could provide international intelligence about alleged Russian troop massing on their common border. According to international treaties, which Moscow has so far always respected, Ukraine could shed light on the rumors of an „imminent invasion“ by demanding inspections of Russian troop movements. So far, Ukrainian President Selensky has not made use of this option to which Ukraine is entitled. Why do you think? Why does the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz not publicly ask the President of Ukraine, Mr. Selensky, to make use of this possibility, which Ukraine is entitled to? Does one want on the western side and with the help of Ukraine only to do everything in order not to expose the built up propaganda about aggressive Russian behavior to reality? Does the West not want to know that all Russian military actions in the area in question correspond to the normal actions of the leadership of the Russian 20th Army? Especially if this military leadership wants to be clear about the operational readiness of the units under its command? What is the Bundeswehr doing differently?

In Kiev itself, which the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is visiting before his stay in Moscow, the Chancellor should tie any further German financial aid to this „corruption paradise“ to two demands: immediate banning of the fascist formations of the „Azov“ model and dissolution of the military volunteer units not subordinated to the Ukrainian army. It is not acceptable that with German tax money in the Ukraine formations are kept financially alive, which stand in the consequence for the crimes of the Nazis. How can one effectively fight anti-Semitism in one’s own country, if one co-finances combat units in Ukraine, which openly show their field signs from the connection to the SS? Has the Chancellor been aware since the „weapons speech“ of the Green Party’s top candidate, Mr. Harbeck, now Vice-Chancellor of the German government, in Ukraine last early summer, that the aggressive tonality, especially of the Green coalition partner in the German government, must sound from the Russian point of view like a „Green Operation Barbarossa,“ in reference to times past? Have we still not learned?

At this point, I’m afraid I have to point out that you have to read on here. But that is also all right. I hope the „Nachdenkseiten“ agree.

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Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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