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They irritate him to the point of blood*

They irritate him to the point of blood*
Hasn’t Putin destroyed peace in Europe with his aggression against Ukraine? Instead of attacking Putin as an enemy of peace, shouldn’t we first ask ourselves what we have done to maintain peace in Europe? Peace in Europe has been destroyed since 2014 by the West’s failure to protest the ongoing bombardment of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and by the major German media’s concealment of these bombardments for eight years.

Vladimir Putin: „You forced me to do it“.

Vladimir Putin: „You forced me to do it“.
In the last few days and years, Vladimir Putin has pointed out in countless talks and interviews that NATO’s eastward expansion is illegal under international law and that he will no longer stand by while the West incites other countries to join the European Community. Putin was snubbed, insulted and rebuffed every time by the Atlanticists. He was even excluded from various G7 summits

Robert Koch Institute conceals increase in side effects

Robert Koch Institute conceals increase in side effects. The health insurance company BKK has evaluated millions of insured data. According to the study, the Paul Ehrlich Institute’s reported case numbers on vaccination consequences are too low. A major German health insurer has recorded figures on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines. The result is „a considerable alarm signal.“ According to BKK ProVita, the number of side effects is many times higher than those officially disclosed by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). In a letter to the PEI (available to the Berliner Zeitung) it says: „In our eyes there is a considerable under-reporting of vaccination side effects“. BKK ProVita CEO Andreas Schöfbeck told Die Welt: „According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 doctor visits by our insureds due to vaccination complications to be realistic to date.“

Odessa – Potjomk Stairs

Odessa – Potjomk Stairs. The legendary 192-step staircase connects downtown Odessa with the port and is the city’s landmark. It climbs 30 meters in 142 meters. It was built from 1837 to 1841 and represents an architectural masterpiece. An optical illusion is created by the steps, which get wider and wider from top to bottom, the top one measuring 12.5 meters in width and the bottom one 21.6 meters. Viewed from above, the staircase appears to be the same width over its entire length, while viewed from below, it looks longer than it actually is. In addition, 10 landings are placed between the steps along the entire length of the staircase in such a way that only the landings and not the steps are visible from above, and only the steps and not the landings are visible from below.

Putin speaks plainly – and the West is speechless

Putin speaks plainly – and the West is speechless. As was to be expected, Putin explained once again, and this time in summary form for everyone to take note of, why he wants to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which have broken away from Ukraine, as independent. In doing so, the president made out two enemy images above all: Ukraine and NATO.

NATO Committee of Inquiry 19.02.2022: Ukraine Conflict – War in Europe?

NATO Committee of Inquiry 19.02.2022: Ukraine Conflict – War in Europe? The war preparations of the Western community of values against Russia and China are in full swing. Since the turn of the year, war propaganda against both countries has been massively intensified. In Germany, the American nuclear bombs in Büchel are currently being replaced by a new generation. Once the mobile surface-to-surface cruise missiles of the Dark Eagle series start traveling on trucks through Central Europe in 2023, the nuclear bombs will be able to reach Moscow in less than twenty minutes. So it is high time to focus all energies to stop the nuclear inferno.

We are the good guys!

We are the good guys! Putin’s justified provocation, expressed with 150,000 soldiers including military equipment, is the necessary backdrop to help the truth come to light. Putin wants talks and has done so for many years. He has tried again and again to enter into talks with the dark side and has been abruptly snubbed each time. Putin is no saint, but who is in such positions, but as far as the current conflict is concerned, he deserves the support of European and American citizens. The truth must come out in the open, that is the only way to solve problems.

Putin is right

Putin is right. The Ukraine has a problem with the truth. Who were the unknown killers from the Maidan who fired at both sides and then disappeared from the face of the earth like a mirage? Who shot down the Malaysian airliner MH17?

Mons. Viganò – Church leaders are corrupt accomplices of the Great Reset

Mons. Viganò – Church leaders are corrupt accomplices of the Great Reset. Feb. 12, 2022. Monsignor Viganò  , who has held prominent positions in the Curia and in Vatican diplomacy (Nuncio in the United States), gave an extremely important interview to the quarterly magazine “ CIVITAS  ” in which he explained the satanic dimension of this great restarts explained

Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine”!

Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine”! It is January 2022 and again we hear a lie on the public radio, namely that Russia is planning an „invasion of Ukraine! Propaganda is a problem in the West, even well-informed people hardly notice it, as I probably did more than thirty years ago when I came to the West from the GDR as a young woman and had difficulty recognizing some habits or destructive structures of a different concept of society. Today I know we carry a burden West, as East, and that is recognition. It is important to deal with it, to acknowledge mistakes.