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Quo vadis?

Written by Linda Levante on 30 Jan 2022

When the  apostle Peter encountered Christ while  fleeing  Rome   , he asked him:


„Domine, quo vadis?“ („Where are you going, Lord?“) He received the answer: „Romam venio iterum crucifigi“ („To Rome to have me crucified again“). (it’s a legend!).
Title: Dumbing down (hektiker)

Where are we going and where are our social structures moving? We should find answers to these questions as quickly as possible before we are woken up one morning by the muezzin’s call. For 30 cities and communities in our country, this has already become a bitter reality.

For Beck (1986), the latter is clearly gaining the upper hand, so that in today’s far advanced „second modernity“ social change presents itself as „programless, voting-free, permanent social change into the unknown“ .

Number of Islamic victims, as of 2021

Problems are not solved, they are postponed [multiplied] – and the only thing that can be achieved is that you save time. That looks pretty menacing.

Anthony Giddens (1990: 173/174) graphically compares the same assessment with an image from Indian mythology. He sees modernity as a “Dschagannath chariot” that imperceptibly picks up speed and, by the time its occupants see reason to determine its speed and direction , has already largely slipped from their control that, on the one hand, they are using all their might have to try to steer it at least in such a way that they don’t hit the wall very quickly – there has long been no talk of targets to be steered to!

On the other hand, they are very aware that they can only manage even this minimal program with more and more luck – and for how much longer?


Our society, driven by the idea of ​​a multicultural „brave new world“ that will never exist, as the beginnings are already showing, is heading straight for disaster without a leader. Colorfully painted and smiling, they hurry towards their downfall.

Richard Münch (1991: 34) notes: „Modern western culture lives in the tension between idea and reality.“

It all started at the end of the last century. That year the socialists took power in our country, and I admit that I too, to my regret, elected them, and began to implement their unworldly utopian ideology. What is bad and despicable about it is that even the sobering reality is unable to deter them from their path. What is sad is that people are no longer able to initiate a change of direction.

„Quo vadis?“

„To Rome.“

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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